About - What is the Hosei University Correspondence School (HUCS)? Why learn with the Hosei University's correspondence courses? Because, we have 3 benefits that other correspondence schools do not.

※Classes, texts and books are provided only in Japanese.

1  The first university correspondence course in Japan

Founded in 1947 as the first university correspondence course established in Japan, HUCS has provided advanced education by improving our curriculum in response to social changes. 430,000 students have graduated Hosei University including daytime students, and there are many alumni associations all over Japan. Entering HUCS means that you will become a member of the “Hosei University Network” and we believe that being a member of this network will prove to be of great benefit to you throughout your lifetime after graduation.

2 Variety of direct lessons (schooling) to be chosen from

We call face-to-face lessons “schooling”. Students of university correspondence courses in Japan need to take 30 schooling credits in order to graduate. We offer various schooling-styles. For example, you can take schooling (direct lessons) in Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka as well as Tokyo. You can also take schooling via the Internet using interactive contents.

3 “Exams for credits” can be taken anywhere in Japan

We offer “exams for credits” in about 20 cities across Japan on Sunday eight times a year. So if you are on a business trip or on vacation, you can take an exam at the closest location to you. The many opportunities to take an exam provided by this course will no doubt take you closer to graduation.